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Summer Bonus! Get 5,000 Air Miles Bonus Miles when you purchase a new home

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Summer Bonus! Get 5,000 Air Miles Bonus Miles when you purchase a new home

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Lamont Land Communities – Respecting Land & People

Your community is about more than just homes, it’s where families grow, friendships are nurtured, memories are made, and a sense of belonging takes root. That’s why at Lamont Land, every decision we make when creating a new community is carefully considered from the homebuyer’s perspective.

We ask the questions. How do we make this playground work for kids of all ages? Would this be a good place for a neighbourhood park? How can we make this community more affordable? How do we preserve the natural landscape for families to enjoy?

At Lamont Land, we respect the land and people — it’s that simple. We’ve been creating new home communities for almost 30 years and we are committed to building the best neighbourhoods for families to call home… today, tomorrow and in the future.

“We are stewards of the land responsible to transform it from raw land into communities where people build their homes, families and communities.”

Roy Moore
Lamont Land